May 20, 2022

Loading and unloading on both sides

Loading and unloading on both sides

What products does LKE offer specifically for loading and unloading on both sides?

For material supply with the tugger train, LKE has developed a trailer system on which the various common standard load carriers, such as Euro pallets or KLT boxes, can be transported.

The product solutions shown can be transported together and can be loaded and unloaded on both sides of the tugger train. This allows the train system to efficiently adapt to your operating requirements.

Space, time, safety, ergonomics

  • direct delivery to the assembly stations
  • No transfer zones necessary
  • Ergonomic and safe material handling

They also feature LKE's proven virtual coupling and drawbar system.

It ensures excellent directional stability and delivers convincing transport performance - even in the tightest of spaces. More about steering systems here.

Product consultation

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