Item no. 471-9002-A

Platform truck type X.2 Euro VKD

LKE platform trucks serve as a means of transport for the convoy of Euro pallets, mesh pallets, industrial pallets, large pallets, etc. In this case, the virtual coupling and drawbar system ensures overlapping directional stability so that the materials to be transported can be moved in the tightest of spaces. This trolley transports load carriers in Euro dimensions.

Technical data

Outside dimensions:
Length: 1460 mm
Width: 860 mm
Height: 1155 mm

Inside dimensions :
Length: 1225 mm
Width: 825 mm
Height: 255 mm

Weight :
Weight: 51.2 kg
Max. load: 1000 kg

External dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 1460x860x1155 mm
Usable area (LxW): approx. 1225x825 mm
height of usable area: 255 mm
max. payload trolley total: 1000 kg
max. towing weight: 3000 kg
max. speed: 6 km/h

Equipment features:
- virtual clutch / drawbar system

Chassis/ Rollers:
- 2 swivel castors with polyurethane tread
- 2 fixed castors with polyurethane tread
- 2 lockable castors
- wheel diameter: 160 mm
- Tread hardness: 92° Shore A
- Overrun protection on all castors

- with insertion angle

Additional information

Weight 51.2 kg
Size 1460.0 × 860.0 × 1155.0 cm

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