Our responsibility

People need goals and values, just like companies. Our understanding and our goals are based on the lived corporate culture of togetherness.

On this we build

It is precisely this way of working together and the values of our actions that form the foundation. These are passion for our products, integrity, respect and entrepreneurial thinking and action. We want to create trust, be a role model and bear responsibility. For us, this means living a philosophy together that conveys orientation and identity. The LKE Group lives these values out of conviction. For this purpose, a mission statement was formulated, which values we share, which is the basis of our actions - and will continue to be in the future.

We are all proud of our work, because our employees are the capital of our company. Their know-how, commitment and willingness to perform make us successful. That is why we attach great importance to the development of our employees, through regular training and seminars. However, the health care of our employees and the safety at every workplace is especially important to us.

The daily interaction is characterized by creating trust and by honest dealings with each other. Being able to rely on each other, bearing responsibility, being curious and setting an example inspire us, our colleagues and our customers. Our employees are flexible and adaptable, open to new ideas, which gives rise to the will to innovate. Thus, our employees approach their future challenges and tasks with courage, initiative and confidence.

According to the motto: Together for quality and innovation, i.e. in dialog with each other, across all levels of the hierarchy, every employee promotes our corporate culture. Because in a good company atmosphere, work is also fun. Motivation and enjoyment of work increase, which means greater efficiency and greater job satisfaction. And that's what makes our business successful.

Occupational health and safety

Health and safety in the workplace is an absolute priority for the LKE Group. Safety, occupational health and safety / preventive health care are a corporate objective of equal importance to the quality of the products and the economic success for the LKE Group.

For us, good performance in occupational health and safety is no coincidence, but the result of systematic and consistent action.

Code of Conduct

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards our customers and employees. Therefore, we have established strict ethical rules for ourselves that guide us in our business.

We expect our business partners who have a business relationship with an LKE company to base their actions on the same ethical principles as the LKE Group. For this reason, LKE has developed the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, which sets standards for business relationships.

Our whistleblower system offers you the opportunity to contact and communicate with us anonymously via an external online portal. If you would like to give us an anonymous tip, you can access it here to the portal.


For years, the LKE Group has been committed to the welfare of seriously ill children and supports social projects and institutions throughout Germany.

The Children's Palliative Care Center in Datteln: A project that is very close to our hearts. Here, terminally ill children, together with their parents and siblings, find a helping hand, palliative high-tech medicine, the necessary assistance and support to make this difficult life situation a little easier for them.

Climate protection & sustainability

Concepts of sustainability are an integral part of the LKE Group's corporate strategy - from the careful use of resources to the development of innovative, energy-saving and durable products.

Spare parts are still available after many years. Existing devices and systems can therefore be repaired in most cases.

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