Transport solutions for your service

Efficient, simple and ergonomic with LKE

Our transport solutions for services do exactly what they are supposed to: Function according to the most modern requirements for efficiency, durability and ergonomics.

Our goal is to ensure that our solutions do not cause you any headaches because everything simply works. In doing so, we offer you the complete package from initial consultation to commissioning and maintenance.



Laundry handling

Case Studies & Topics

Discover our case studies for service solutions and learn how LKE Group solutions can also optimize your company's material handling.

Do & Co., Munich - Catering Allianz Arena

Custom laundry equipment - Berendsen UK

Residual and recyclable waste disposal


The LKE Group's high-quality and robustly finished luggage, serving, tier and service trolleys have been providing companies in the catering, hotel and restaurant industry with an important key to corporate success for many years.

Our menu and information boards, as well as our transport trolleys exclusively tailored to the needs of the hotel and catering industry, ensure that the demanding wishes of your customers in luggage service, housekeeping, buffet, or catering for large events are fulfilled almost by themselves.


Service and shelf trolleys from the LKE Group ensure that medicines, instruments, documents and other nursing-related aids are always available at the right time, in the right place, in the required quality.

Of course, our transport systems also ensure effective and smooth processes in those hospital areas that generate a large volume of laundry. Our collection systems, cupboard trolleys, linen drop-off systems, linen containers and linen trolleys sustainably optimize all transport processes within your clinic or care facility.


LKE laundry trolleys, laundry containers, mesh containers, laundry collection systems and laundry sorting trolleys - solution competencies that the LKE Group has acquired over the past years in all areas of textile handling.

LKE products allow you to concentrate fully on your core competencies.

From collecting, sorting and stowing to moving larger quantities of laundry.

With LKE's products, daily work routines in laundry logistics become clearer, more targeted and more economical.

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