20. May 2022

Tugger trains for lean production

Tugger trains for lean production

What are tugger trains?

Tugger trains are an internal transport solution that optimizes the transport of materials within a company. This type of transportation significantly supports just-in-time and just-in-sequence production.

The tractors move trolley arrangements through the company, which can be loaded individually according to internal requirements.

Materials are transported efficiently to or from the processing machines or assembly stations, replacing the need for forklift trucks.

Benefit from the advantages of this proven system

  • Minimization of empty runs
  • Faster and safer compared to transportation by forklift truck
  • Different materials can be transported together
  • Savings on forklift and personnel costs
  • with the virtual clutch and drawbar system
    the train achieves excellent directional stability

Within the framework of lean production, synchronization
supply processes with production.

On the way to lean production:

In practice, tugger trains are increasingly being used for internal transportation, as they enable the high-frequency provision of small quantities at the required locations and also promise increased efficiency in the area of intralogistics material supply.


    (right amount at the right time
    at the correct location)
  • Reduction of waste in the
    7 MUDAs

Def.: “MUDA”: is the Japanese word for senseless waste

MILK-RUN trains

The Milk-Run system is used to transport materials or goods in a regular cycle. As a rule, the quantity, time and distance are fixed. This system increases the delivery frequency of the materials and leads to a more even utilization within the specified time window.

In production, existing safety stocks and unaccounted residual stocks are eliminated. General stock levels will also be significantly reduced.

Furthermore, considerable savingsin labor and machine costs can be achieved by switching to the milk run system. The potential saved can then be used for other efficient tasks in the value chain.

Definition: “Milk run” originally referred to the milkman’s system of exchanging empty bottles for full ones at households. This system was transferred to procurement logistics and material supply in production.

  • Ecoflex 600 E1 OKD ESD

    Art.-Nr: 190-0006 Shelf trolley

    Bewährte Lösung 100.000-fach im Einsatz, Zuladung Kunststoffboden blau 300kg, ohne Kupplung/Deichsel, 2 Lenk- & 2 Bockrollen 160mm Vollgummibelag, zentraler Feststellhebel, Zuggriff, ESD-fähig über Rollen, 6 Gurte zur Ladungssicherung, Stirnwände mit Kunststoffeinsatz

  • KLT trolley 600 E3 VKD ESD

    Art.-Nr: 263-5712 Shelf trolley

    Load capacity base shelf 300kg, intermediate shelves with upstand 2x150kg, 2 swivel & 2 fixed castors, central locking lever, pull handle, ESD-capable via swivel and fixed castors

  • KLT wagon 800 E5 OKD

    Art.-Nr: 265-0808 Shelf trolley
  • Mesh container Classic XL Standard

    Art.-Nr: 324-0010-02-GZ1-0001 Mesh container

    2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors, PP white 108mm, coarse-mesh grid, base area 720x810mm, grid base

  • Placeholder

    MODULette® 2.0 Standard

    Art.-Nr: 143-0000 Roll container

    Ein Rollbehälter der Extraklasse

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    Art.-Nr: 471-9002-A Floor roller

    Euromaß, virtuelles Kupplungs-/ Deichselsystem

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    Art.-Nr: 513-0004 Floor roller

    for four beverage crates on one level

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