About LKE

We all agree that a team is more than its individual members. To be able to use all the necessary ingredients for ultra-modern and future-proof industrial truck systems, it is best to rely on a strong partner. LKE is a company that is driven by the pursuit of excellence in what it does, proving time and time again that excellent solutions to improve processes are possible in almost any production environment.

Our goal

Our aim is to bring solutions to the market for picking, moving and storing goods that save time, money and resources and are perfectly tailored to our customers’ requirements.


High quality




People need goals and values, just like companies. Our understanding and our goals are based on a corporate culture of cooperation. It is precisely this way of working together and the values of our actions that form the foundation. This includes passion for our products, integrity, entrepreneurial thinking and action and respect. We want to create trust, set an example and take responsibility. For us, this means living a philosophy together that provides orientation and identity. The LKE Group lives these values out of conviction. To this end, we have formulated a mission statement that sets out the values we share, which forms the basis of our actions – and will continue to do so in the future.

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