24. May 2022

Special solution for a manufacturer of large electrical appliances

Special solution for a manufacturer of large electrical appliances

Key Facts


Manufacturer of large electrical appliances




Industrial manufacturing


62.000 (2021)

Material supply by tugger train – fewer forklifts

Initial situation

  • Assembly line with different heights
  • Use of forklift trucks in the assembly area
  • Routes and paths too long
  • Not efficient
  • Material supply requires too much space

Customer requirement

  • Conversion from forklift delivery to a tugger train system
  • Efficient transportation of components
  • Ergonomics
  • Space saving

LKE solution

  • Production supply by means of a forklift-free tugger train system
  • Platform trolley type X with frame and superstructure
  • Transport of 35 product components on seven levels per platform trolley
  • Frame can be locked by means of a lever on the handle – no turning while driving
  • Release the locking mechanism at the mounting location, suitable removal position can be set
  • Virtual LKE clutch and drawbar system for true-to-track handling

LKE product

  • Type X platform trailer with superstructure
  • Individual solution for transportation
  • of washing machine windows
  • Frame with seven levels
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Loading and unloading on both sides
  • Self-locking drawbar
  • Virtual clutch and drawbar system
  • Overrun protection on all castors

Virtual clutch and drawbar system for easy handling

  • Optimum directional stability
  • Simple foot operation
  • Self-locking drawbar ensures that the trailers do not uncouple when combined

Platform trolley type X.1 Euro with special superstructure

Technical data:

Load capacity: max. 1000 kg

Usable area 1225 x 825 mm

incl. virtual clutch/drawbar system

Special structure

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