Product overview

Get to know our range. As LKE is both a manufacturer and a seller, our experience in sales is used to improve our products … For almost 30 years.

Another advantage is that we can respond optimally to individual customer requirements: We have been producing special solutions for many companies for as long as LKE has existed.

Roll container

Shelf trolley

Platform trailer

Cab car

Mesh container

Postal delivery van


Stacking trolley

Mesh shelving

Plastic container

Tractor drawbar

Transport trolley

Cab car

  • Cargo-Liner SP1 Euro

    Art.-Nr: 566-1000-0012 Cargo-Liner

    1 Stellplatz, Grundfläche 2030x1030mm, Nutzfläche pro Stellplatz 1247x841mm

  • Cargo-Liner SP2

    Art.-Nr: 566-1000-430-SP2 Cargo-Liner

    2 Stellplätze, Grundfläche 1780x750mm, Nutzfläche pro Stellplatz 430x638mm

  • Cargo-Liner SP3

    Art.-Nr: 566-1000-430-SP3 Cargo-Liner

    3 Stellplätze, Grundfläche 2375x750mm, Nutzfläche pro Stellplatz 430x638mm

  • Portalwagen TP1.E – Euromaß

    Art.-Nr: 526-0015 Portal trolley


Stacking trolley

Kombix mesh shelving

Plastic container

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