23. May 2022

Disposal of residual and recyclable materials

Disposal of residual and recyclable materials

Tugger trains in use as required

LKE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sophisticated transport systems for optimum material flow and material supply and completes the product range for the disposal and efficient removal of residual and recyclable materials.

One of the most effective modes of operation: The product solutions can be transported together and can be loaded and unloaded on both sides of the tugger train.

Disposal by tugger train is an effective addition to the system and is now standard in modern industry.

Removal of residual and recyclable waste containers from production to the collection point.

Central collection point for residual and recyclable waste containers. The containers are emptied or disposed of there by the respective service provider.

Benefit from the advantages of this proven system

  • Minimization of empty runs
  • Faster and safer compared to transportation by forklift truck
  • Different materials can be transported together
  • Savings on forklift and personnel costs
  • with the virtual coupling and drawbar system, the train achieves excellent directional stability
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