18. May 2022

Case study: tugger train vs. forklift truck

Tugger train systems vs. forklift trucks

German-design tugger trains from LKE – a very popular solution in the industry: We supply our modular product range to many manufacturing companies worldwide. Our design concept allows you to easily customize, scale and expand the LKE system as your business grows. This means investment security at its best!



Tugger train system from LKE

Field of application

Production environments


Automotive industry, industrial manufacturing, supply industry, logistics and many more

Special properties

Efficient, ergonomic, safe

“Nearly 30 years of experience and one of the largest development teams in the industry allow us to focus on your needs and achieve significant benefits.”

Sebastian Neuhaus-Schwermann
Managing Director LKE Group

Within the German automotive OEM production facilities and their Tier 1 supplier base, it is common knowledge that forklift trucks are not the material of choice when it comes to sophisticated, line-side material handling systems. This is more likely to be solved with a milk run logistics train, where the material in question, whether KANBAN-based or a sequenced sub-assembly, is delivered by a tugger train with a wide range of customized dollies. This increases the delivery frequency of internal material and goods transportation. These solutions therefore form the basis of a modern lean production concept.

In addition to a tractor, the required ingredients are a wide range of mother and daughter vehicles that can be adapted to the specific needs of each production and assembly hall to create the necessary flexibility for the requirements of the modern workshop. The answers to this requirement are based on a vehicle portfolio that can adapt to the dynamic, constantly changing production requirements of your customer base. The LKE product portfolio is the perfect answer to these requirements.

Tugger trains increase the number of rollers, making this part a critical component for success. Blickle castors are best in class and proven in countless applications, reducing noise emissions and enabling high loads with the necessary speed in any logistics environment.

Today, factory floors must be kept clean and tidy with a similar emphasis. Not only because customers are led around, but also because your production tolerances do not allow foreign substances to enter your highly sensitive production processes. Today’s ProfilGate “clean driving zones” prevent these substances from being transported throughout your facility.

Good reasons for the tugger train



  • Optimization of wage and machine costs
  • High investment security
  • Reduction in stock levels
  • Small number of industrial trucks



Time saving


  • Simultaneous supply and disposal
  • replaces forklift truck
  • Increase throughput





  • Simplified and safe handling for employees
  • Eliminates security risks
  • Reducing the volume of traffic





  • Increase in supply
  • High transport capacities
  • Maximum throughput



Space saving


  • Increasing space efficiency
  • Reduction in stocks of semi-finished goods
  • Optimum supply of the assembly stations
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