17. May 2022

Case Study: Briggs Mono

Pack and Place solution for Briggs Mono

The Mono is the ultimate lightweight, high-performance, road-legal supercar, designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest racing technologies. It is aimed at drivers who are looking for a purist driving experience and for whom design, technical excellence and performance are of great importance. The Mono has an aggressive design and sets standards in the small but elite segment of radical, lightweight sports cars.

Key Facts


BAC Briggs Automotive Company


Liverpool, UK



Number of employees

30 (2021)

“Our production process has improved considerably with the introduction of the LKE system, which shortens production time and increases quality. …”

Rainer Kühlwein
Briggs Mono Director of Manufacturing

In view of the ever-increasing demand for the road-legal super sports car, the British production facility in the north-west of England is constantly looking for ways to improve production output. One of the most recent efficiency improvements was the introduction of a “warehouse on wheels” with a fleet of LKE SLC 600 trollies. These enable the kits to accompany the vehicles in the various construction phases. The benefits include shortening the time it takes to transport parts from the warehouses, improving build quality and reducing construction time.

Building the vehicle in small quantities places high demands on the optimum efficiency of the side loading of the production line, product protection and quality. The LKE trollies accompany the bare chassis and are fitted with sub-assemblies and looms that are pre-loaded with “subordinate parts”. As the chassis moves through the production process, the LKE trollies move with it. Once this part of the process is complete, additional pre-loaded trollies such as the drivetrain, fuel tank, braking system and body panels are added.

Rainer Kuhlwein; Briggs Mono Director of Manufacturing said:

“Our production process has improved considerably with the introduction of the LKE system, which has shortened production time and increased quality. The advantage is that the trollies are very maneuverable with their own system and can be connected to a trailer towing system that is highly precise and drives in perfect harmony even with a large number of other trollies.”

Item no. 263-5091

KLT wagon 600 E4 OKD

Technical data:

Load capacity with intermediate shelf: max. 500 kg

Usable area 1210 × 570 mm

incl. virtual clutch/drawbar system

Forklift pockets on the long sides

Handle on swivel castor side with integrated handbrake

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