20. May 2022

Planning a tugger train system

Planning a tugger train system

Would your company also like to benefit from the use of tugger trains? We would be happy to work with you to plan “your” tugger train solution – contact us, we will be happy to support you from the initial idea to the tugger train in operation.

For you to be able to use a tugger train system (efficiently), both the operational requirements and the system elements must be perfect.
be tailored to these and your specific needs.

When planning a tugger train system, there are some important points to consider, such as

  • Which load carriers are available in the company and should be transported?
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the load carriers?
  • What is the total weight when loaded?
  • How should the load carrier be transported?
  • Are the aisles wide enough for loading and unloading?
  • Are there slopes or ramps that need to be negotiated? If so, what is the gradient?
  • Do work processes need to be adapted?
  • Is one-way operation planned or are turns necessary?
  • What are the soil conditions like?
  • Is only internal transport planned or is the tugger train also to be used for external operations?
  • Are there any special requirements for the transportation of your load carrier, e.g. penetration of dirt, discharge capability, load securing, protection against shocks?
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