Art.-Nr. SET-470-2104

Jungheinrich tractor drawbar

The virtual coupling and drawbar system requires your tractor to be equipped with a drawbar as well as a tractor with front steering. With this system, you achieve excellent directional stability and can move the transport train in the tightest of spaces.

Technical Data

Outer dimensions:
Length: 705 mm
Width: 160 mm
Height: 177 mm

- for towing vehicle: Jungheinrich EZS 130/330/350
- usable for virtual coupling/drawbar system LKE
- max. Towing weight: 6.0 t (with tractor tare weight up to 1300 kg)
- max. Speed: 12 km/h

with mounting material

Additional information

Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 705.0 × 160.0 × 177.0 cm

Product advice

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