24. May 2022

Manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Complete supply of production with small load carriers

Key Facts


Manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology




Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Number of employees


Initial situation

  • Lean production concept introduced several years ago
  • Just-in-sequence supply
  • LKE KLT deck wagons and platform wagons already in use
  • Small raw units are collected from the production line in small load carriers and picked > Risk of overflow as employees operate several machines at the same time
  • Use of production racks for material provision at the workplace, these are inflexible and not ergonomic

Customer requirement

  • Holistic transportation of small load carriers (SLC) – from the warehouse to the provision of SLC boxes at the workplace
  • Modification of existing KLT trolleys so that their shelves offer space for a multiple number of components
  • Volume reduction at the workstations
  • Ergonomic solution for collecting and picking small tube units
  • Space-saving, flexible and ergonomic solution for material provision on the production lines

LKE solution

  • Modification KLT shelf trolley > Inlay

  • KOMBIX shelving/trolley systems replace the production racks

  • Ergonomic spring base trolley for collecting the pipe parts

KLT floor trolley

  • Inlay – delivery in a tugger train system possible

  • Mounting of KLT containers or various components with individual inlay

  • Loading and unloading on both sides

  • Central locking device with simple foot control

  • Pull handle with handbrake

  • Overrun protection on all castors

  • Virtual clutch/drawbar system

Kombix – shelf/trolley system

Quick conversion for production or component changes – flexible, ergonomic working

  • Modular plug-in design > Can be quickly customized without tools
  • Shelves height-adjustable in 25 mm increments
  • Variety of sizes and accessories
  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • Loading and unloading on both sides

sprung floor trolley

Optimum, ergonomic solution – vertically movable base, when the weight of the contents drops, the small parts still remain at the same grip height

  • Vertically movable floor – keeps the load at a constant height at all times
  • Back-friendly thanks to ergonomic working height
  • No tilting of the floor with one-sided loading
  • Individual spring force possible
  • Various sizes and volumes available


  • Material provision of the construction units in the tugger train network > especially during peak times: more flexible and accelerated process

  • Individual use of the KLT floor trolleys

  • The modular, flexible shelving/trolley system enables employees to put together an ergonomic and ideal companion for all process steps within the assembly process from individual tubular elements, shelves and castors within a very short time and without tools
  • The spring base trolley reduces the drop height of the production parts, the crate is no longer required, the production parts are collected directly in the trolley and can then be picked ergonomically
  • Significantly increased productivity
  • Ergonomic working – employee downtime demonstrably minimized
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