Art.-Nr. 143-0000-SAFE

MODULette® 2.0 Safe

The robust plastic shelf not only withstands loads of up to 600 kg, but can also be folded up. In this way, the frame of the Safe variant can also be folded into an L-shape and nested with other roll containers. The nestable property ensures a volume reduction of approx. 60 % during empty transportation and storage.

The roller containers are characterized by their directional stability and are even easy to control in combination. Safety bars and additional maneuvering handles allow safe maneuvering.

Technical Data

Outer dimensions:
Length: 1190 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Height: 1890 mm

Inner dimensions:
Length: 1071 mm
Width: 935 mm
Height: 1634 mm

Weight: 160,0 kg
max load capacity: 600 kg

External dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 1190x1000x1890 mm
Internal dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 1071x935x1634 mm

max. Load capacity: 600 kg
max. Speed: 6 km/h
max. Tensile weight: 3000 kg

Equipment features:
- with virtual clutch/drawbar system

Chassis/ castors:
- 4 swivel castors with polyurethane tread
- Roller diameter: 160 mm
- Tread hardness: 92° Shore A
- with non-locking directional lock

- with drawbar
- with lattice roof
- with doors
- Equipped with eyelet for attaching a padlock (padlock not included)
- with door, vertically divided
- with door, horizontally divided
- with jacking device
- nestable
- RAL 5010 powder-coated

The Modulette 2.0 is expressly not suitable for stacking!

Additional information

Weight 160.0 kg
Dimensions 1190.0 × 1000.0 × 1890.0 cm

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