31. May 2023

Do & Co., Munich – Catering Allianz Arena

Time savings thanks to tugger trains with LKE platform trailers

Key Facts


DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft


Munich, Germany – Head office: Vienna, Austria



Customer since



  • Customer needs trailers to carry out the complete catering service in the Allianz Arena Munich – Cardboard boxes, beverage carriers, barrels and pallets have to be transported.
  • In the past, this was done using simple trailers with a simple body (see picture).
  • Deliveries were delayed because the trolleys were not of the required quality and kept breaking down.
  • The old wagons were only partially route train-compatible.


  • Development of a platform truck with a grid structure. The transport option of a Euro pallet is important.
  • Transport routes were inspected and road conditions were discussed. It must be possible to transport the trolleys by elevator.


  • The customer can now drive several trolleys at the same time, which saves time.
  • The new trolleys track true, are robust and still easy to handle
  • A complete system that fits together and also meets the customer’s visual requirements (see photo before and after).
  • 16 trolleys were ordered and delivered.

Platform trolley type X BAD GT NKD

  • Picking up cardboard boxes, beverage carriers, barrels and pallets
  • max. Total trolley payload: 1000 kg
  • Chassis:
    – conventional coupling/drawbar system
    – with “Rockinger coupling”
    – with drawbar, Rockinger drawbar eye version
  • Roles:
    – 2 swivel castors with polyurethane tread
    – 2 fixed castors with polyurethane tread
    – 2 lockable castors
    – Overrun protection on all castors
  • Covers:
    – with sheet metal cover
    – with special body
  • Removable push handle
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